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Our unique wedding theme ideas will help you prepare for your big day!


Planning Your Dream Wedding

Have no idea where to start? We have prepared this wedding checklist that should give you an idea on how to start your dream wedding plans.

Before you start anything, you must decide on whether to have a wedding theme, since your preparations will be greatly affected by your theme and your chosen motif. You can find theme-based ideas on our wedding themes page. Be sure to customize these ideas since this is for your big day, so you definitely want to personalize things!

If you are on a tight budget but still wish to have a theme-based wedding, no worries, since we also prepared tons of wedding invitations and each comes in your chosen theme. And did we fail to mention that they're FREE?!

But those are just the tip of the iceberg. Since we promised you theme-based ideas, this means you will find ideas on your wedding decorations, wedding food and of course, your wedding attire, and all follows the theme of your choice. And if you had some problems finding the right supplies to help you prepare for your theme-based wedding, we just so happen to have a wedding supplies page that will be a great help.


New Wedding Ideas


November 4 Update:

We decided that although there's a time and place for theme-based weddings, some brides might just want a free wedding invitation which they can add to their other wedding preparations. And we kept this in mind when we designed these invitations, which was designed with weddings in general rather than a specific theme. Make sure you check out these general and free wedding invitations.

August 25 Update:

If love for fishing is one of the things you and your groom to be have in common, so why not have a Gone Fishing themed wedding? If that tickled your fancy, then make sure you check out our fish themed wedding ideas. So if you are sold to this wedding theme idea, make sure you also check out our fish themed sample wedding invitations, since they're FREE and pretty, and might just be what you want to entice your guests to RSVP.

August 18 Update:

Country-themed weddings are quite popular, which is why we decided to add more country-themed wedding ideas on our site, which is what this week's update is all about.

One thing about country weddings is that there are a lot elements that one can play with, which includes farms and everything which come with it, western stuff, and so on. Although we have other country wedding invitations on our site, we think our latest country themed wedding invitations is especially cute so be sure to check it out.

August 12 Update:

Maybe you and/or your groom is part of the military, or you just have a thing for anything camouflage. Whatever your reason for wanting this theme as your wedding motif, if you have yet to find the perfect wedding invitation for your event, you might want to check out our wedding invitations designed for camo weddings.

August 5 Update:

Having a western themed wedding? What can we say, this is one popular theme for bride and grooms and if you have this theme in mind as well, we have some western wedding ideas that you can check out, and for this week's update, new western theme wedding ideas for your invitation.

July 29 Update:

If only Alice and friends will do to make your dream wedding come true, then make sure you check out our wedding ideas that is all about Alice and her Wonderland. From decoration tips to the food that you will serve on this big day, we tried to come up with some ideas, which we hope you will find interesting.

And since it's been a tradition for us to do so, of course we have Alice-themed wedding invitations that we have prepared to complement all your theme-based preparations. The printable invitation that we have right now is simple compared to our other invites, but it's still very theme-based, and is worth considering if you are planning an Alice in Wonderland wedding.



Unique Wedding Ideas


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