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1950s Wedding Invitations


If appreciation for anything related to 1950s is one of the things you and your soon to be hubby have in common, then you might want to look at these different 50s elements that can make your 1950s dream wedding come true. And to get the rest of our 1950s wedding theme ideas, you can click here.

While you are preparing your invitations, keep in mind all special instructions you want to tell your guests. This can vary from telling your guests that the wedding requires formal attire to information like the number of seats you have reserved for a particular party. Mailing these instructions with your invitation will save you a lot of calls.

You can find free 1950s wedding invitations on this page. We also provided similarly designed thank you notes and blank wedding cards to go with each wedding invitation.




UNIQUE Free Wedding Invitations

Do The Twist 1950s Wedding Invitations

Let's do the twist! Music is just one of the many elements that can help one reminisce about the past, and we think this jukebox really represents that time well, so check it out.



EXCLUSIVE Wedding Invitations

Swirls 1950 Wedding Theme Invitations

If you have great appreciation for any vintage stuff, then you will love these invitations. They were design with 1950s in mind, from old hairstyles, wordings and borders. And you have an option to choose between our nice-looking couple (left) to these cute stick figures (right).



We don't know about you but we love these black and white versions of the above invitations. Although you are not required to go black and white just to have the right 1950s feel, we think these are quite charming, so if you love them, we say go for it.



If you would love a 1950s wedding with a more casual feel, then it's time to bring out the "loud" colors, from hot pink to bright blue. These 50 s themed wedding invitation will also work well with the 50 s wedding that you have in mind, so make sure you don't miss checking them out.


This particular wedding invitation still shouts "50 s" loud and clear, and maybe we're just bias but we think this design worked out well. So if you are of the same mind, just click on the link above and you can download our 50s themed wedding invitations for free!



We love the colored versions a lot (see above), but if you think they're too bright or you just prefer this black and white version, make sure you are a Wedding Express subscriber so that you can get our exclusive invitations for FREE.


As with most of our exclusive invitations, we make sure that we have both colored and black and white. This in particular might not have the popular colors of the 50 s, but it still has enough 50 s elements that should make this a great candidate for anyone having a 50 s themed wedding.


How to use our 1950s wedding invitations:

Download our image by right-clicking  on the image, and choosing Save Picture As. Save image to C:\Images folder.

Insert your chosen invitation in a blank Microsoft Word document. You can do this by choosing Insert > From File  and then browsing to C:\Images and choosing the right invitation image.

Insert a text box by choosing Insert > Textbox > Horizontal. A text box should appear in your document.

Double click on the text box and ensure that in the Colors and Lines tab, the Fill-Color section says No Fill and Lines-Color section says No Lines.

You can then move the text box such that it overlaps the image you inserted before. Just move the text box to the right field, click on the text box, and type in your details. Feel free to customize your font type, size and color.



  • You can use one text box per invitation field (eg. One for date, another for the time field). This will make it way easier for you to align your text to the image text.

  • Once the necessary fields are filled up,  you can just highlight the image plus your text and make another copy in the same document. In this manner, you can print the document with two invitations, instead of just one.

  • Or if you would rather email this invitation to your friends, just copy image + text to Photoshop or your preferred image editor and save it as JPEG. Your invitation is now ready to be emailed!

  • If you will find it easier, feel free to use our blank card to create your invitation. The text box method mentioned above should also work well for this process.



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