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Asian Wedding Theme

Another classy and elegant wedding theme that you might want to look at. And if you absolutely love Chinese or Japanese food, serving them will not just mean making your guests happy with your delicious fare, it will perfectly fit your chosen wedding theme as well.


Free Wedding Invitation

Our wedding invitations, thank you cards, and miscellaneous cards for this theme are all here.

Bride and Groom Attire

How you dress speaks a lot of your chosen theme so if you’re having a theme-based wedding, you definitely want to check out our attire ideas for this particular theme.

Wedding Decorations

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based wedding! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your party, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Wedding Food Ideas

A theme-based wedding can showcase your chosen theme down to your menu. Here's our theme-based food ideas, which are just perfect for wedding parties!


Wedding Activities



Asian Theme Grand Entrance and Exits


How you and your hubby will do your entrance or exit on your wedding can do a lot to stress your chosen theme.

Dragons are considered to be very lucky in Chinese culture and we think doing your entrance or exit before or after a dragon parade (wherein a team of people carry a big dragon using poles) will be very fitting to your Asian theme, not to mention quite entertaining for your guests!

Another traditional mode of transportation used in China are bamboo-poled sedan chairs, and thus, we think that arriving or leaving riding these chairs will be quite an experience for you, your groom and of course, your guests.

If you’re wondering what a sedan chair is, it’s actually two poles of bamboo with a chair in the middle. Two men can usually carry a single sedan chair and its passenger.



Asian Wedding Theme Games


We think that games which can bring other couples together, one that can help your guests meet new friends, or any activities that has something to do with you and your groom, are perfect candidates for your wedding games. Here are some of our game ideas for this theme:


Lucky Cookie

If you are up to providing some gifts and prizes on your wedding day and you happen to be having an Asian-themed wedding, then there’s no better way to tell your guests that they were indeed fortunate to win a gift than via a fortune cookie!

There are two ways to do this. You can have a collection of fortune cookies on each table, wherein the winning cookies are amidst the not so lucky ones. Or you can ask your guests to draw their fortune from a bowl of fortune cookies as they enter your party room.

You can choose to tell them directly that they won something or you can have a code of some sort and just have your host call out the winning number or code in the middle of your wedding program. Either way, that should add a fun and Asian twist on your typical draw and win game.

Chopstick Race

You will need a number of male and female pairs for this particular game. This is actually an eating race, a race to finish the food contained in a Chinese take out box. The twist here is that each female player need to feed their male partners using a pair of chopsticks. What can we say, this game will definitely test the womens' chopstick skills and your male guests' chowing ability.

To make this game more interesting, you can choose to place some challenging food pieces on each take out box. Peanuts, chestnuts, peas, M&Ms, makis are just a few examples.

As with other races, the pair who was able to complete their goal with the least mistakes in the shortest amount of time will be the lucky winners!

Bride and Groom Trivia

You will need two groups here, but we’ll leave it to you on how you will group your players.

Each group will have a bowl of fortune cookies. Each fortune contains some facts that will pertain to the bride or the groom.

This will play like a typical relay race wherein each player need to accomplish the goal – identify whether the trivia in the fortune cookie is about the bride or groom (you can have a board of some sort wherein each player can tack the trivia on the groom or bride side). Once the goal is accomplished, the next player in line will need to accomplish the same goal, until all the “fortunes” have been read and classified.

You can set a time limit and the group with the most number of correct answers within the said time will win the game. If you need to break a tie or two, then the faster group will be the more fortunate one.


Want more party games? More Asian wedding theme game candidates here.



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