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Black Wedding Theme

Going for black on your big day will give you a classy and formal wedding, so if that’s how you envision your dream wedding to be, check out the rest of the page, since we might just have the right ideas to make your dream wedding a reality.


Free Wedding Invitation

Our wedding invitations, thank you cards, and miscellaneous cards for this theme are all here.

Bride and Groom Attire

How you dress speaks a lot of your chosen theme so if you’re having a theme-based wedding, you definitely want to check out our attire ideas for this particular theme.

Wedding Decorations

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based wedding! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your party, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Wedding Food Ideas

A theme-based wedding can showcase your chosen theme down to your menu. Here's our theme-based food ideas, which are just perfect for wedding parties!


Wedding Activities



Black Wedding Theme Grand Entrance and Exits


How you and your hubby will do your entrance or exit on your wedding can do a lot to stress your chosen theme.

Arriving via a classy black car is definitely in if you’re going for a black wedding theme. Depending on how formal you want things to be, you can choose to have white flowers, or if you're leaning on something more colorful, you don’t know what a bunch of pink or green flowers will do on your chosen mode of transport.

Another choice is to arrive via a black carriage, being led by either white or black horses. We think that arriving or exiting in this manner is less common and is definitely way more romantic so you might want to consider this seriously.

But if you and your groom would rather giddyup riding a horse or two, then a sleek black horse should make your arrival grand enough to suit your purposes, so we say go for this idea!



Black Wedding Theme Games


We think that games which can bring other couples together, one that can help your guests meet new friends, or any activities that has something to do with you and your groom, are perfect candidates for your wedding games. Here are some of our game ideas for this theme:

Best Waltzing Couple

A formal party without some dancing is definitely a no-no, so it’s time to call out your single ladies and match them with some handsome young men and have them dance the waltz (if you prefer another type of dance altogether, feel free to make the necessary changes). As the title implies, this game intends to find the best couple who can do the waltz perfectly. You and your hubby get to pick the best waltzing couple.

If you want to give your single ladies and gentlemen a rest for once, then call out your friends and their respective partners to join you for this game instead.

Black and White Race

It is time to call out some single male and female guests who you think are up to a game. Each team will be composed of a male and female pair.

The goal of the female of the team is to bring a black or white balloon from one side of the room to where her male counterpart is seated. She will then bring it to him and he is to pop the balloon. Once it’s popped, the female player will again go fetch another balloon and repeat the whole process until all the balloons are finished or the given time is up.

The pair with the most number of balloons popped within the allocated time wins a cool prize!

Photo Race

You will need dozens of sepia photos of the bride and groom for this activity.

The goal of each table is to organize the photos in chronological order. A combination of easy-to-arrange photos and of more challenging ones will make this game fun to play and at the same time, not boring.

The group of guests who was able to set the order of these photos with the least mistakes definitely deserves a cool prize!


Want more party games? More black wedding theme game candidates here.



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