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How you dress speaks a lot of your chosen theme so be sure to pick the right wedding attire that will work perfectly with the theme of your choice

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1950s Wedding Attire Ideas

Renting a vintage gown is one of your options if you’re going for a 1950s wedding. There are lots of choices and they’re just a few google away. If you happen to have a relative or friend who got married during the 50s, modifying her gown to fit you will also work.

However, if your dream wedding will not get fulfilled by going for a hand me down gown, then feel free to get a new one. Having a gown with poodle cut will make your gown perfect for a 1950s wedding, but if you prefer another design altogether, no worries. There are lots of other elements that you can play with to emphasize your chosen theme.

Styling your hair according to some of the popular hairstyles during the 50s should further accentuate your chosen theme, so if you look good in a winged coiffette or a soft bob look, then go for it.

Accessorizing with jewelries like chokers and vintage brooches is a MUST. There are lots of choices for your accessories so just choose something that will match your wedding attire. If you feel you need to accessorize some more, ribbons with polka dots are also worth adding.

Your groom can go for a formal attire - white shirt, vest, tuxedo, top hat, kid gloves, and of course dress shoes. He can also sport a pompadour hair, which is a popular hairstyle during the 50s, but if he looks better in another hairstyle altogether, there are other 50s hairstyles that he can consider.

Similar to your dress, your entourage should wear something that reminds you of the 50s – a poodle cut gown with prints for the ladies, while formal male attire for the gentlemen.

Orange blossoms is one of the traditional wedding flowers so orange blossoms in your hair and your wedding bouquet will be perfect additions.


Alice in Wonderland Wedding Attire Ideas

If you think Alice’ dress just need a few tweaks for it to be your dream wedding dress, then find a wedding gown with the same look and feel or if you’re having one custom-made, ask your dressmaker to create one with the right Alice yet modern look that will fit you best. Depending on your preference, you can choose to wear something with a tinge of blue, but if white is how you envision your dress on this big day, that should not be a problem.

Another approach is to play the 18th century card, and get one of those classic wedding gowns from said era and have it modified to fit you. If a used gown doesn’t match your vision of a dream wedding, just ask a dressmaker to copy a classic wedding gown design, so you’ll have the best of both worlds, not to mention something specially made for you that will ensure that you will look your best on your big day. 

Hair wreaths are popular during the 18th century so we’re pitching that in. The traditional wedding veil are also part of early customs so be sure to wear one, since they’re supposed to protect you from bad spirits until you’re happily bonded to your better half. Accessorizing with more flowers is fine, but if you want to wear something fancy during your wedding, diamonds, emeralds are quite popular during said time, so if you can get your hands on one of those old-looking jewelries, wear them with pride on your big day. Brooches are also popular during the 18th century so if it will add to your overall appearance, we suggest you wear one.

The traditional groom wear, which includes a shirt made of white linen, a waistcoat or vest, a knee-length coat, breeches, silk cravat, stockings and a three-cornered hat made of felt is something you can consider if you’re having your wedding during the cold season, but should not be considered if your wedding will take place on a hot place/season. If weather will be an issue, we highly suggest your groom going for comfort and just go for summer colors and light materials and doing away with the stockings and silk cravat. Just make sure your dress and his dress complements each other and just let your other wedding preparations stress your chosen theme.

We think your women entourage wearing a dress similar to Alice is quite fitting, better if you can go for the same light blue color, but a dress which comes with a different shade but with the same cut is also fine. Your male entourage can wear something similar to the groom’s attire, but with a different shade and of course much simpler design.

We think red roses will be perfect as part of your wedding bouquet, but if you prefer white ones, that should also be fine, since those roses were originally white before they were painted red, remember?

That should already give you tons of ideas to help you dress right on your Alice in Wonderland wedding!


Asian Wedding Attire Ideas

Wearing Cheongsam on your wedding day is the way to go if you’re opting for a traditional Chinese wedding theme. You and your groom can both wear Cheongsam or if he prefers to do so, he can wear a silk jacket called Qi Pau, which is also a very popular groom attire for Chinese weddings. Picking the right color for your Cheongsam or Qi Pau is critical, since some colors are considered lucky while others are not. Red or yellow gold are two of the more popular choices, since they are considered lucky in Chinese traditions and we bet you want lots of luck not just on your wedding, but your marriage as well.

But if you prefer the look of a more traditional Western wedding attire, then you can just use some of the elements of the Chinese culture and add them into your wedding gown design. So a wedding gown with some dragon design and a groom shirt with a Chinese collar will be absolutely fine. But we suggest that you veer away from pure white since white is used for funerals on Chinese traditions. However, going for cream or champagne colored gowns will be quite fine.

If you prefer Japanese traditions, then wearing kimonos will be more to your taste.

Lotuses, daffodils, and peonies are some of the popular flowers on Chinese culture, primarily because they’re symbols of great fortune, so wearing them in your hair or having your bouquet made of these flowers should bring you luck on your wedding. For your jewelries, Chinese gold and jade are the traditional accessories. However, diamonds are also becoming quite popular on Chinese weddings, so if you prefer them to any type of stones, feel free to wear diamonds on your wedding day.


Baseball Wedding Attire Ideas

We think that going for a sporty wedding dress is the way to go if you’re having a baseball wedding, so if you happen to look good in a halter-designed dress, then go for it. You can choose to add some design related to baseball, but if you prefer something subtle, we think that going for color accents of your favorite baseball team is the way to go.

You can choose to leave your dress alone and just accessorize with the right baseball jewelries. From earrings to necklace, there are lots of designs to choose from. And the cool thing is, there are lots of jewelries dedicated to popular teams on the baseball arena, so if you and your groom are up to it, be sure to secure one dedicated to your favorite team.

If you’re having your wedding during the summer, make sure that your groom is wearing a summer-friendly attire, something in light colors and of thin material. He can complete his chosen outfit with some cool-looking baseball cap, a baseball tie, and some baseball accessories like baseball cufflinks.

We also think that asking your cute kiddies to wear baseball uniform-like attire with the girls looking like cute cheerleaders will be sporty and therefore a perfect addition to your wedding.

You have two ways to approach your wedding bouquet. You can get flowers of your choice and just ensure that a baseball glove is in the picture, right in the middle holding your bouquet together. Or you can choose flowers in red and white and just arrange your bouquet accordingly to look like a typical baseball. Either way is a cool way to showcase you chosen wedding theme.


Beach Wedding Attire Ideas

A white and light dress is definitely the order of the day if you’re having a beach wedding. Tucking a flower in your ear is very fitting and so are flowers in your hair. Wearing a lei is definitely expected, so be sure to get one. Adding an anklet made of flowers in the picture will also be cool. But if you are not a great fan of leis, but you still want to accessorize, we think that accessories made of seashells are great and are worthy replacements. And the great thing is, you can find seashell necklace, bracelet, earrings, and anklet in all shapes and sizes which should give you a lot of choices. To complete the picture, you can choose to wear some flowery sandals or other flat shoes.

Having a beach wedding is a great chance for your groom to wear white as well, since an airy and light shirt with white slacks is one of the more popular choices of grooms having a beach wedding. Depending on how casual you want things to be, he can also wear a rolled-up khaki pants with that white shirt. Wearing a lei with that getup should be fine and he can complete the picture with some moccasins for his footwear.

For your wedding bouquet, you can choose tropical flowers since they are perfect for beach weddings.  Orchid is one of the more popular choices, but we don’t see any reason why you can’t include some birds of paradise or hibiscus as part of your wedding bouquet. Whether you go for pure orchids or a combination of flowers, you must ensure that your wedding bouquet is colorful, since that is one of the requirements of a wonderful beach wedding!



Black Wedding Attire Ideas

If you really love black, you can choose to be different from typical brides and go for a grayish, silverish, or a black wedding dress instead. However, if you still think a bride should be in her white glory on her most special day, then wearing your dream white wedding dress will make you a shining beacon amidst all those blacks, which is not a bad thing to happen to any bride on her wedding day.

If you’re going for white, you can choose to accessorize to add black in the picture, so a dress with a black ribbon is very fitting, and so is wearing a pair of dark gloves and/or accessorizing with black jewelries. If you’re going for the non-traditional route and choosing black instead, there’s nothing like some pink and green accessories to add character to your black attire.

As for your flowers, although not exactly black, we think that Schwartzwalder calla lilies are dark enough to pass as black and will be a great addition to any bride going for a black wedding theme. But if you’re already wearing black, then there’s nothing like a bouquet of pink or green flowers to add a splash of colors to your elegant appearance.

As for your hubby to be, we suggest that if you’re going for white, he should go for a white tux, hat, gloves as well, and go for a black tuxedo and the works if you’re going for the non-traditional route.

Your entourage should also go for some black or white dress or coat, with some colorful ribbons and flowers for your girls and splashy ties for your boys. That should stop any black wedding from looking dreary, and turn it into an elegant and cheerful one instead!


Butterfly Wedding Attire Ideas

A lightweight and thin dress is the way to go for a butterfly-themed wedding, since most likely, you are having a wedding amidst the summer heat and you want to be comfortable as possible. A sleeveless, tube or off-shoulder wedding dress is very fitting, so if you will look great on one of those designs, then you must absolutely go for it.

Accessorizing with flowers and butterfly-shaped accessories will be perfect additions so if you have butterfly-shaped earrings or pins, now's the perfect time to showcase them. Complete your wedding attire with some shoes or sandals with butterfly design but if you can't find one, we think that your most feminine footwear will be a good alternative.

Getting married during the summer means you need constant retouch of your makeup so be sure to make some arrangements to make this possible.

Your groom must also be dressed for the summer, so this means going for lighter colors and something with thinner material. Going for tie instead of neck wraps will be a more comfortable option so we highly recommend it. Be sure to prepare some extra shirt, since looking fresh on your wedding day is a MUST.

We also think that dressing your flower girls to look like small fairies (with wings and all) will be cool and fitting to your chosen theme, so be sure to consider this particular idea.

For your wedding bouquet, Gerber, calla lilies, and roses are just some of the more popular summer wedding bouquet flowers. However, if you prefer other summer flowers to these then that should also be fine since there are lots of other summer flowers to choose from.


Celestial Wedding Attire Ideas

A wedding gown in silver or gold is the way to go if you’re having a celestial wedding. However, if for you, getting married means a traditional white wedding gown, then getting a gown that is either silky or has the right amount of crystal for sufficient glittery effect is the next best thing. Complete your wedding attire with some silvery or goldish shoes.

For your groom, wearing black should be fine, but adding some glittery accessories like cufflinks (if you can get this in star-shaped, that would be fantastic) is a must. A star flower boutonniere will also be a good addition.

For your wedding bouquet, we suggest a bouquet that includes star flowers, which are the perfect flowers for any celestial wedding. Any star or moon-shaped jewelries are also very welcome. They can be in your arm, your hair, your ear and so on. However, if you want to flash some diamonds on your wedding day, that should also be fine since with its glittery effect, diamonds are indeed your best friend.


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