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No idea what to do with your wedding decor? We have tons of theme-based ideas right here.

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Midsummer Night Dream Decor Ideas

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

We think that the right location for a midsummer night’s dream wedding is something that will make you and your guests feel that you’re in the middle of nowhere and with lots of big trees around the place.

Although finding a spot with lots of trees will be a good location for this wedding theme, you will need to play around with the following elements to make sure your theme will really be out there – tons of flowers, butterflies, trellis and vines, wind chimes and bells in the right places, a whimsical lantern here and there, especially if you’re having a night reception. A foggy effect, and some bubbles, both from a fog and bubble machine, will add a lot to the atmosphere you want to set.

Who can forget King Oberon and Queen Titania? We certainly can’t and that’s why we think the idea of some friends portraying these two memorable characters and acting as hosts for your wedding should be considered. You can even have a skit of some sort so that it would seem as if everything about your wedding was orchestrated to entertain them.

You can stick to flowers as your centerpiece, just add some glitters ala fairy dust in the picture to make your flowers appear magical, which will make them a great candidate for your table decoration. Just house them in a unique-looking vase and that’s good to go. Unlike in other wedding themes wherein each table having the same table centerpiece is highly recommended, we think that going for different pieces for each table is the way to go for this particular theme, the more whimsical, the better.

We also think that butterfly candles floating in a dish of some sort is another worthy centerpiece idea. Though not as fitting as the previous centerpiece idea, but this one is quite easy to prepare so we’re pitching it in.

We will leave it to you whether to get balloons, but if you happen to be among the group of people who feels their wedding will not be complete without balloons, glittery balloons or solid green ones will complement the other things you have prepared so far.


Peacock Wedding Decor Ideas

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

You can choose to have a farm, forest or something similar and have a feel of a peacock’s natural habitat, but if you’re having a peacock wedding, you can actually have your wedding location anywhere, since even if your location has nothing to do with your chosen theme, you can decorate it with the right peacock elements to make it a fitting and theme-based location.

On a peacock wedding, the main elements to play with are the peacock colors and their fantastic feathers. Don’t worry, though few, these elements are so versatile that you can actually stretch it out to many aspects of your decorations.

We love the idea of arcs as entrance, and we think that an arc made of balloons in peacock colors is a great addition. Make sure you insert some feathers between some balloons since the more peacock elements, the better.

Two intertwined peacock feathers can decorate your walls (the number depends on how many places can you put these strategically). Adding some ribbons on your ceiling, as well as decorative papers/cloths in the right color will also add a lot to the look and feel you want to set. Feel free to also add paintings and other crafts that shows peacock (and its great tail), or maybe something from mythology, given that it also contains some references to peacocks.

Plants are also worth considering, since they have the right green color that will be a good match to your chosen theme. Just scatter them around your party room since aside from doing good for your theme-based wedding, plants will add a refreshing atmosphere as well.

We also think some flowers with the right violet shade is worthy as centerpiece for your guests’ tables. Just put them in a used wine bottle and they’re good to go. Of course if you prefer to mix in a peacock feather or two, that will also be fine. 

For your guests’ table, we think that your table numbers can be placed in the “eye” of a peacock feather, or some cardboards with the right peacock color.

And to conclude our wedding decoration ideas, be sure to mix in some green, violet, and white balloons, since what’s a celebration without some colorful balloons?


Victorian Wedding Decor Ideas

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

We think that a Victorian inn or a Victorian-era house is a popular choice for a Victorian-themed wedding. They will come with the right setting that no amount of decoration can reach.

Another cool venue idea is to have your party on a castle or some sort. If your castle comes with well-tended grounds, then having it outside instead of indoors will also be amazing.

If you feel you still need more decorations to accentuate your theme, then you must use different Victorian elements for your decorations. Some grand-looking chandelier, silver and crystals in the right places, antique mirrors and paintings hanging from your walls, large oriental vases on certain areas plus never ending carpets can help you reach the right level of Victorian elegance. You can also position a Queen Anne or Sheraton style sofa/chair at the center, which is the perfect seat of any bride and groom couple.

A lacy or an embroidered table cloth can adorn your guest tables. Adding some antique and very elegant candelabras as your table centerpiece will be quite fitting. If you prefer flowers, some old but nice-looking vase can be used to house your orange blossoms or lilies and baby’s breath. But if you prefer a more personalized centerpiece, we love the idea of a bride and groom sepia photo as table decoration and thus, we highly recommend it!

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but if you do decide to do so, we think that white balloons are worthy additions to what you have prepared so far.



Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

When going vintage, you need to choose between classic, elegant and formal or classic casual, as we call it. This can dictate your wedding location, which can be a hotel with the right vintage feel, or an inn, restaurant or even a pub that gives you a similar vintage atmosphere.  Whether you go one way or the other, we suggest choosing a location that has the right decorations and is up to serving great food that will satisfy you and your guests. And the great thing by having the former?!  You can just put some ribbons, flowers and balloons here and there and you need not worry about your decorations at all.

But if you feel that you need more decorations for one reason or another, you will have tons of decoration elements depending on your favorite timeline. Love the 50s? Then it’s all about jukeboxes, vinyl records, Elvis Presley, and so on. Passionate about the 60s? Then it’s all about peace signs, flower power, tie dyes, and the like.

You can start with your entrance, which can be made of a half vinyl record if you’re going for a 1950s timeline, or a peace sign, if you must have a 1960s one. Balloons are great for making arcs so you can have one made and just insert the right decade elements to make them perfect for your chosen timeline.

If you’re going for the casual look, pictures of dancing couples, intertwined peace sign cut-outs, two flowers twisted together are something you can add to your decorations. Tie dye and other colorful ribbons should decorate your ceiling as well. If it’s all about classical elegance, then it’s all about paintings, sculptures, porcelain vases, chandeliers, candelabras and glass works. 

Something white and lacey can be your tablecloth, and your centerpiece can be some orange blossoms (or your favorite flowers) in a used vintage wine bottle, which would make your table look great if we may say so. Another option is to have a number of vinyl records in a stand of some sort, wherein one can actually flip from one record to the other. And last but not the least, we think that a personalized centerpiece is the best, so a black and white photo of you and your groom decorating each table is something you can consider.

If you will have a lot of tables, we think that numbering them will make it easier for your friends to locate their tables. A number in a flower cut-out, in a card that looks like a vinyl record or maybe a jukebox even, are all worthy candidates, so just choose one that will best mesh well with the other things you have prepared.

And to conclude our wedding decoration ideas, be sure to mix in balloons that come in the colors of your chosen time. If you have no idea what those are, be sure to google it since they’re just a few clicks away.


Western Wedding Decor Ideas

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

A perfect venue for a western wedding reception is for it to happen inside a tent or a tepee. A ranch, a barn or a farm is also another good setting. A wedding reception out in the country, especially if you are having a night reception, will be quite amazing. But of course, nothing beats having your wedding party on popular western parks since they are already all spiffed up with the right western elements so you almost have no decoration to worry about.

If you feel you still need more decorations to accentuate your theme, then you must use different western elements as either your ceiling or wall hangings. Horseshoe, cowboy hat, boots and spurs, horse, saddle, wagon, lasso, and guitar are just some of the popular elements.

Now on to your guest tables. You can use a table cloth that may pass as a leather or denim for decorate your guest table. If you want a more simple version, using some white and brown table cloths will also do the trick.

For your centerpiece, a hat full of wildflowers is a pretty popular table decoration idea. Another centerpiece idea is to use some boot vase, which you can choose to fill with colorful gum balls or flowers.

If you want to have balloons on your wedding party, then nothing will beat getting balloons with some cow prints. They’re really cute and are perfect additions to your wedding decoration.


Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

A ski lodge or something similar is a good winter wedding location candidate, especially if you prefer not to do a lot of decorations. Just choose the right skiing place, and you will have it all - snow and a warm hearth for you and your guests once you get tired of the cold.

Another traditional wedding location is one of those grand edifices with a cool courtyard that can showcase the winter season in all its beautiful glory. Similar to the previous location idea, you will enjoy both the white view outside and the cozy atmosphere inside.

Depending on your area, you might be able to get away with a wedding on ice. Yes, you heard it right, we think that a wedding somewhere where you can also do some figure skating is a fun and very theme-based idea, so whether you’re a champion in figure skating or not, we  think this particular wedding location is worth considering.

That should give you lots of ideas on where to hold your winter wedding, and if you chose the right location, you will not need lots of decoration. But if you think you still need further decorations to highlight your chosen theme, then adding anything related to these elements will further accentuate your love of winter – snowflakes, snowcones, and of course the different Christmas elements like a pine tree and ornaments, candy cane, snowman, snow angel, wreaths, Santa and his reindeer and so on.

We think that something that comes in silver or ice blue tablecloth will work well. As for your table decorations, some easy centerpiece that comes to mind includes a transparent jar full of candy canes or a shallow dish with a snowflake floating candle or two. We also think that stacked boxes wrapped in one of those colorful wrappers are quite cool, so should be included as one of your choices. But best of all, if you are up to it, we think some tree ornaments personalized to include your and your groom’s picture will make you a unique and fitting wedding centerpiece.

You can choose to stop right there, but if you think adding these will not be over the top, we think that an ice statue (it can be of you and your groom in a cool pose or something that represents winter) and a snowflake machine will give you the right ambiance that you will want on your winter wedding.

And lastly, we’ll leave it to you whether to get balloons, but if you happen to be among the group of people who thinks a wedding won’t be complete without balloons, balloons with snowflake prints can be purchased on leading party stores and they’re just a few clicks away.


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