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How you dress speaks a lot of your chosen theme so check out these wedding dress idea that will work perfectly with the theme of your choice

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Midsummer Night Dream Wedding Dress Idea

Remember Arwen and her cool coronation/wedding gown in Return of the King? If you think you will look good in it or something similar, then wearing something like that on your wedding day will not just make you look good, it will be very theme-based too.

If you think that’s not fancy enough, we found this Queen Titania gown that can make you look like a lovely faerie dream on your big day. If you’re in love with the design but not so much on the cloth used, then feel free to have one done using a cloth of your choice. Being comfortable is definitely as important (if not more) than looking beautiful on your wedding day.

If you think those are not to your taste and prefers to have something more original, just keep these elements in mind since having some or all of these will help you create that dream fairy wedding dress – ruffles, flowers/rosettes, chiffon sleeves, gold or greenish tinge, sparkly, something that will stand the summer heat.

As for your headdress, you can approach it with a silver headdress similar to Arwen’s or just a tiara made of flowers and leaves (choose between fresh and dry ones) to complement your wonderful fairy attire. Complete the picture with flower accessories (fresh or jewelry) or if you prefer to glitter on your big day, some fancy jewelry that will look perfect during the medieval era.

Since your groom might have some problem with a Peter Pan costume or something similar, we think that wearing a coat and tie with the right summer colors, cloth and cut will also do the trick. If you don’t mind him wearing something more casual, he can also opt to wear something that will not be out of place during medieval times – a white shirt, vest, breeches, hose and boots. Of course he can also go for a full armor if you want the whole shebang.

The grownups of your entourage should wear something in the shade of green and white, similar to what you and your groom are wearing, but of simpler or less colorful design. But the best part is how you dress your younger entourage – you can make your little boys look like Peter Pan or pages of long time ago, while dressing your little girls with fairy costumes (with wings and all) will be quite cool.

Your bouquet should be composed of June flowers, which means that white calla lilies, peony, and sunflowers are great candidates.


Peacock Wedding Dress Idea

We will leave the actual wedding gown cut to you, since that will greatly depend on your body type, but if you are having a peacock wedding and you want your theme to be well-represented in your wedding attire, then you have the option to go for the whole shebang, which is to go for the right peacock colors and proper peacock design.

If you absolutely love peacock feathers, we’ve seen some gowns made of peacock feathers from top to toe, so to speak. Although you can go with the previous idea, if you prefer subtlety, we think that a gown in the right peacock color and with one or two feather attached (make sure you choose one of those shiny gown materials) or a white gown with beads designed to look like peacock eyes are what you can consider likely candidates.

And the great thing about peacock feathers?  Even if you went for the most simple peacock elements on your wedding gown, you can use peacock feathers to accessorize your hair, your hat, your veil, and so on.  Just place them strategically so they will be very much highlighted on your person. You can also wear peacock jewelries since there are tons of such accessories available around the net

Having a small bag that will contain your essentials is a MUST on your big day, and we think something with peacock feathers or colors are worthy candidates so be sure to get one.

Your groom can also wear something that comes in one of the peacock colors, but if you happen to think a dark suit is the way to go, no worries since you still have his tie (can come in peacock color) and his boutonniere (be sure to add a feather or two) to play with. And as long as your groom has some peacock elements as part of his attire, you can decide on the cut of his suit, since this can be affected by whether you’re having your wedding event during day and whether you want your reception to be a very formal occasion.

As usual, we say your male entourage get to wear something similar to the groom, but with one or two notch lower when it comes to design and cut. They should also wear something with the right peacock elements, which can be in their tie (use a different peacock color from the one the groom is using) and their boutonniere.
As for your female entourage, we think that they should wear something in peacock colors as well (we think violet is quite sexy), with the right peacock feathers on their person and on their accessories.

We will leave the choosing of your bouquet flowers to you, just make sure you consider the flowers abundant during your wedding season. And to add the right pizzazz on your bouquet, just mix a feather or two in your bouquet and you will be fine.


Victorian Wedding Dress Idea

Wearing white on your wedding is a MUST, since wearing a white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria herself, and by just wearing white, you are stressing your theme further. You can go one step further by going for old-fashioned designs with bustles and all, but if you think you will look better in a modern gown, then do not hesitate to go for it. Just keep in mind that your modern wedding gown should make you look elegant, which means a more conservative gown design is preferable to those gowns that reveal a lot.

Some brides who prefer authenticity opt to go for a refurbished Victorian wedding gown instead. If you prefer this approach, looking for refurbished gowns via the net shouldn’t be a problem. However, we think that getting a Victorian gown from your family or a friend and having it refurbished is the better way to go.

Orange blossoms in your hair and bouquet will be fantastic and very fitting to your chosen wedding theme. Complete your wedding attire by wearing just enough diamonds (or something which can pass as one) to give you enough glitter on this special day.

Your groom should definitely go for white shirt, vest, tuxedo, top hat, kid gloves, and of course dress shoes.



Vintage Wedding Dress Idea

Going vintage all the way? We think you can have a more authentic vintage attire if you’ll rent a vintage gown, buy a refurbished one or borrow a gown from a relative or friend and have it modified to suit you. That should add authenticity to your wedding attire with a capital A.

If you like an old design but prefers to have a new gown altogether, that should also be fine since there are tons of designers who understands this feeling and have come up with modern equivalent of classic wedding gowns. Feel free to ask your dressmaker to copy from an old wedding magazine if you want to really pin down a specific old wedding gown design.

Styling your hair according to some of the popular hairstyles during your chosen time (eg. 50s) should further accentuate your chosen theme, so if you will look good in a winged coiffette or a soft bob look, then go for it. If you prefer one of the more modern looks, that should also be fine, since there are other aspects of your wedding that can reflect the right dated elements.

Accessorizing with jewelries like chokers and vintage brooches is one way to go. There are lots of choices for your accessories so just choose something that will match your wedding attire. If you feel you need to accessorize some more, ribbons with polka dots are also worth adding. But if you can get your hands on a set of diamond jewelries (or something that looks like one), be sure to grab some. Because the great thing about diamonds? They’re your best friends whether you are going for a classic or modern wedding.

Your groom can go for a formal attire - white shirt, vest, tuxedo, top hat, kid gloves, and of course dress shoes. He can also sport a pompadour hair, which is a popular hairstyle during the 50s, but if he looks better in another hairstyle altogether, then looking good is absolutely more preferable.

As usual, we say your male entourage get to wear something similar to the groom, but with one or two notch lower when it comes to design and cut.  As for the female group, depending on your chosen timeline, you can have their gown to have a poodle-cut, and have it come in orange (HEX E65540), sky blue (HEX 76AFBA), yellow (HEX FFF160), green (HEX 44AF69), or pink (HEX D44354), which happens to be the popular color palette of the 50s. Prefer another time altogether? The great thing about the Internet is that finding such info are quite easy, just type in say  1940s fashion and 1940s popular color and the similar info we provided above will be right at your fingertips.

You can choose something that reminds you of the Flower Power blooms when preparing your wedding bouquet, but if you have a different flower preference, we think that you have enough vintage elements on your attire so choosing one that doesn’t have the right vintage feel is fine.


Western Wedding Dress Idea

If you really want a grand, white and very lacy dress, you can still do so and at the same time, have the right elements that befit your chosen wedding theme. This is very possible with the help of the right trimmings, on this case, a white cowboy hat customized to have a veil and lace to make it more feminine and of course some white boots that should look perfect with your chosen white dress. Your groom can still wear a suit, and just ensure that he’s also wearing his boots (you guys decide whether to include some decorative spurs) and of course his cowboy hat.

If you prefer a more casual yet still pretty dressy look, there are some shops who sell denim gowns that you might want to check out. We bet you will still look specially nice and pretty, and very far from your typical look. Your hat and boots are still necessary, of course.

Wildflowers in your hair and bouquet will be fantastic and very fitting to your chosen wedding theme. Complete the picture with some silver or white gold jewelries, just enough to give you sufficient glitter on this special day. There are some jewelries which are designed with the different western elements in mind so you might want to look at those.

For the more casual look, your groom can wear white long sleeves and vest and maybe some black jeans to go with it. Those will work perfectly with his hat, boots and spurs.


Winter Wedding Dress Idea

Having a winter wedding is definitely a good opportunity to veer away from one’s typical wedding dress idea. Don’t worry, when we say different, we don’t mean you’ll end up looking like Santa’s green elf. We just think that there are some winter elements that can be stressed, which will make your wedding dress a wee bit different than if you’re having your wedding during the summer.

First, your wedding dress should be made of warm cloth. Something in silk or velvet is definitely preferable to say a chiffon wedding dress. We love the idea of adding something similar to Santa's fur in the picture, which can be in your dress’ cuff and collar (we found this cool winter wedding dress  that you might want to look at) or something that you can wear on top of your gown like a shawl or bolero, if you prefer something in two-piece.

If you happen to love snowflakes, then you will love our next wedding dress idea, which is a wedding gown with lots of snowflake beadwork. We will leave the actual gown design to you, since you know which design will look best on your frame. Just keep in mind that although looking pretty is important on your big day, being comfortable is another important factor to the success of your wedding, which means going for sleeveless and getting chilled in the process is not a good idea.

Accessorizing with the different winter elements will also help stress your chosen theme. Although there’s nothing wrong with accessorizing with a candy cane bracelet or a snowman earring, we think that going for snowflake accessories is the better way to go. But if you prefer something more natural, you can then just put your preferred winter blossoms on your hair and you’re all set.

Your groom can go for a dark formal attire – and maybe some silverish or grayish waistcoat, although one in gold is also fitting. If you’re going for silver or gold, make sure you choose something subtle since you don’t want your groom to shine everyone down (and we mean that in a bad way). You can also choose some silver or gold tie or bow tie to complement your chosen vest and coat.

If you want something more colorful, we think that a vest/coat in ice blue should be considered.  And for his accessories, your favorite winter blossom as his boutonniere and some nice snowflake cufflinks will be great additions.

Your entourage, especially the women, can wear something in ice blue, forest green, or a grayish or goldish gown. You can go for tube-like gowns and just add some bolero or shawl as part of the attire or go for long sleeves to ensure that they are properly dressed  against the cold weather. Your male entourage, on the other hand,  can wear something similar to your groom, but with a coat and waistcoat of much simpler design, so as to ensure that your groom will not be outshined on his big day.

For your bouquet, going for winter blossoms will ensure that you won’t be charged ridiculously for your wedding flowers, and at the same time, it will be a perfect complement to all the other things you have prepared for your wedding attire.


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