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We're great advocates of theme-based weddings and on this page, you will find wedding food ideas that will work perfectly with the theme of your choice

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1950s Wedding Food Ideas

If you’re going for the casual (retro pub/malt shop) approach, then you’ll basically be serving these casual food of the 50s – cheeseburgers, fries, shakes, Coke (bottled ones), and chiffon cake for dessert, just to name a few. If you can arrange it, we think that getting drinks from one of those old soda fountains will be a noteworthy experience for you and your guests.

Serving barbecue fare is also worth considering if you’re having a 1950s wedding. But if this is not to your taste and prefer to serve something classier, then you can start with melon ball or seafood cocktails, canapés and different chips and dips for appetizers, pea soup or cream of tomato soup, buttered vegetables, followed by veal chops or salmon steak for your main course. Want more 50s food choices? We found this very helpful site that provides decade food information.

A 1950s wedding cake should either come with polka dots, an old car as cake topper, or a couple with the bride wearing a poodle skirt. We also love the idea of having lots of small polka dots cake instead of  just one big wedding cake, since if you go for this idea, these small cakes will also make a cool gift for some of your lucky guests.

1950s cocktails should be served to celebrate your big day, bronx, daiquiri and side car are just a few of  your choices. For non-alcoholic beverages, milk shake and soda from your soda fountain should be enough to quench your guests’ thirst, and the fact that they highlight your chosen theme as well make them perfect additions to what you have prepared so far.


Alice in Wonderland Wedding Food Ideas

Turning your wedding into one giant tea party is one approach if you chose to have an Alice in Wonderland wedding. This means that tea party favorites like scones, cupcakes, pastries, cucumber and other sandwiches can be part of your wedding menu. If you want to serve something more substantial, that is also fine. You can choose to add those items on top of whatever tea favorites you plan to serve, or you can  go for the whole shebang and go for Victorian era wedding feast favorites. This usually includes soup, fruits or salad, the main course and dessert. The soup is usually of the thick variety, while the main course are usually salmon, chicken, beef, lamb or fowl cooked in a sauce of some sort. Serving hot and cold meats, lobster patties, cheese, and fruit tarts are also popular and are worthy additions.

Serving specialty food like sweetbreads, foie gras, and caviar are also some of the food delicacies during Victorian times, and can be considered when preparing for your Alice wedding feast.

If you want to go for the fun variety, then it’s time to consider another approach to your Alice in Wonderland food, which will include finding the right colors, shapes and sizes. Right colors include red and black so anything that features these two colors are something to be considered. This means tomato-based dishes, squid ink pasta and similar food can be added. Food in the right heart shape, spade, clover or diamond are worth considering as well. This means a heart-shaped pizza, diamond-shaped sandwiches, pastries with spade or clover design are welcome to your table. And lastly, how about making the size different? If you’re serving spaghetti with meatballs, make the meatballs extra large, while food that are normally large can be served small. Of course, there’s always the easier approach of putting signs like eat me, drink me, take one, and so on, and placing them on your food can immediately turn them into perfect additions to your Alice wedding feast.

For your wedding cake, a cake which features heart, spade, clover and diamond designs are something you can consider, although we think designing your cake to make it appear that a bunch of tea cups are on top of it is also something you can explore. Another option is to go for a whimsical cake, which features a design to make the cake layers look like Mad Hatter’s hat, with a tea pot on top. Of course, you can just go for an ordinary multi-layered wedding cake and just look for a fitting cake topper, and you’re all set. No idea what cake topper to go for? We think that something that comes in heart/spade/clover/diamond or tea-related are just some of your choices.

Tea, hot or cold, will be in abundance, but if you want to serve something with more zing, fine wines that will complement the food you served are of course in order.

Although not exactly something one can chew on, we love the idea of asking your waiters and waitresses to wear a costume or uniform that features a particular card suit, so if you love the idea as well, then talk to your servers, since this will add the right feel on your Alice in Wonderland wedding.


Asian Wedding Food Ideas

Depending on how much food you want to serve your guests, you can go for Dimsum and Oolong tea or Makis and Japanese tea, or you can serve them the traditional Chinese wedding feast of at least 10 courses.

If you are opting for the latter, then your guests are in for a big meal. Depending on your budget, these 10 courses can include assorted meats, soup, fried pigeon, roasted duck, abalone, steamed fish, shrimp dish, crab, noodles, fried rice, and sweets.

Serve your dishes using plates with Chinese designs or you can just go for ordinary plates with solid colors. Be sure to include Chinese spoons, bowls, chopsticks and of course tea cups for your guests’ use.

For your wedding cake, we think that a cake with lotuses and dragons with a Double Happiness cake topper will be quite fitting. However, if you prefer a cake with a different design, just ensure that the right and lucky Chinese elements are included as part of your wedding cake decoration!

Tea is the official beverage on an Asian wedding, but serving fine wine is also part of the tradition and is definitely expected.


Baseball Wedding Food Ideas

As a general rule, baseball wedding food means popular baseball game snacks like hotdog and burger, but if you want to go beyond these, you should go ahead, since serving delicious food albeit not related to baseball will not hurt your guests any. Just make sure that if your guests prefer to do so, they can get their hands on some hotdogs, burgers, peanuts, pretzels, Cracker Jacks, fries and so on.

For your wedding cake, a white cake with the right red icing (similar to the red design in a baseball) will be what you want. But if you prefer to have an ordinary wedding cake, getting a baseball couple cake topper to decorate your cake will turn your ordinary cake into its perfect theme-based counterpart.

Although not exactly something your guests can munch on, we think that having your food servers wear baseball or cheerleader uniforms will do a lot to your chosen theme so we’re pitching that in.

And lastly, beer and baseball go well together so be sure to have beer aplenty. But be sure to prepare some good wine for those who prefer a more elegant drink. Just keep in mind the general rule when choosing wines, the wine should not overpower your food and vice versa.  If you want to serve beverages of the non-alcoholic variety, serving some root beer and soda should do the trick.


Beach Wedding Food Ideas

Eating fresh seafood is definitely one of the benefits of having a beach wedding and thus, your menu must include the best of the best of seafood dishes. You can serve the sea superstars, from lobsters to shrimp as your appetizers or part of your entrée. However, if you feel like adding some grilled meats in your beach wedding menu, that should also be fine.

Another way to approach your beach wedding food is to serve some of the more popular local fare. One of the fun things of having destination weddings is tasting your destination’s delicacies and we bet your guests and friends will appreciate this different food experience.

We love the idea of serving your dishes in coconut shells since that will really accentuate your chosen theme. If your guests are up to it, they could also eat their meal from Ti leaves, instead of plates and with all that wonderful seafood dishes, eating with just their bare hands will be more convenient and fun.

For your wedding cake, a cake designed with the different beach elements in mind will be perfect. You can also just get an ordinary wedding cake and just place a palm tree cake topper to turn it into a perfect beach-themed wedding cake.

You can serve some fresh coconut juice or other tropical fruit juice to wash all that wonderful meal down, but be sure to serve some cocktails for those who prefer more zing to their drinks.



Black Wedding Food Ideas

Going for gourmet is one way to go when preparing what to serve on your black-themed wedding. So this means that caviar, foie gras, lamb and turkey dishes will make it in your wedding menu.

Another approach to your menu is to serve dishes that will not be out of place in any Victorian or old fashion party. This means hot and cold meats, lobster patties, many kinds of cheeses, different bread and spreads and the like are just some of your starter choices. Soup, salad, main courses of either salmon, fowl or beef cooked in a sauce of some sort should also be considered. Fruit tarts or fresh fruits for dessert will make a nice conclusion to your food lineup.

Serve your dishes using porcelain, crystal platters, or black plates. Your guests can eat from something similar, just make sure they come in solid colors instead of printed ones, since the former will better provide the touch of elegance you’re aiming for.

You can choose to go traditional and serve a very white cake, which will make it very much the center amidst all those blacks. However, if you want to serve something black and very chocolaty instead, that should also be fine. If you cannot decide between the two, go for a compromised version and serve a mix of white and black pastry instead.

Fine wines is a MUST on a black-themed wedding so make sure you have lots. Prepare some hot tea and coffee for those who prefer to drink something sweet yet non-alcoholic after consuming a wonderful meal.


Butterfly Wedding Food Ideas

Fresh salads and other cold food is a good idea, especially if you're having a hot summer wedding. So this means seafood cocktails like shrimp and oyster are great candidates. Cheese, crackers with some cool spreads, carrot and celery sticks with dips are also worth considering. Fresh fruits are great and refreshing especially during the summer so you will definitely want them as part of your menu. You can then conclude your meal with some cakes, pastries and other cold desserts.

If you absolutely love Japanese food and think your guests will appreciate them, then you might want to think of adding fresh sushi, maki and cold noodles in what you have prepared so far.

Another option is to prepare food popularly served on picnics. This means fried chicken, potato salad, finger sandwiches, chips and the like are welcome to your table.

For your wedding cake, a cake designed with tons of butterflies in all shapes and sizes will be perfect. You can also just get an ordinary wedding cake and just place a butterfly cake topper to turn it into a perfect theme-based wedding cake.

You can serve some fresh fruit juice and shakes to wash all that wonderful meal down, but be sure to serve some summer cocktails for those who prefer more zing to their drinks.


Celestial Wedding Food Ideas

With the advent of technology, space food nowadays includes chicken, beef, and seafood dishes, so any dishes that feature these will be welcome on any celestial wedding. Of course, since everything needs to be in bite size and ready to eat pieces, this means the kani equivalent is the better space food candidate than the actual crab with its shells and all. But as long as majority of your dishes follow the bite size rule, we don’t see any problem if you add a dish or two which requires some carving and deboning.

Macaroni and cheese and spaghetti are two of the popular space food goodies so they are worthy additions in your repertoire. Although the space equivalent means the just add water variety, we don’t see any problem if you go for the home-cooked and make from scratch equivalent.

If those ideas are not enough to complete your food repertoire, adding more calcium-rich dishes in your menu is the way to go. Or if you want to let your guests experience real space food, then this cheese tortellini is a must try.

Brownies are also popular in the space food arena. But since brownies are brownies, we think that letting your guests satisfy their sweet tooth by serving them astronaut ice cream is way cooler. That should add to the celestial feel you are aiming for.

For your wedding cake, you can either go for a very starry one and/or a cake full of nuts and dried fruits. If you want to go for a plain cake, then adding a silvery, gold, or in the shape of either moon or stars cake topper will transform any plain cake of your making into a celestial-themed one.

You can very well serve anything from lemonade to fruit punch for your wedding drinks, but adding some sparkling wine in the picture will make it just perfect.


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