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We're advocates of theme-based weddings and on this page, you will find ideas for wedding foods that will work perfectly with the theme of your choice

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Midsummer Night Dream Wedding Foods

Going for greens and fruits can  be your approach when preparing for your midsummer night’s menu. Green stuff can be part of your soup, appetizer and main course, and your sweets can be mainly composed of fruits. Though you can have your pick of veggies and fruits to serve, we think that singling out vegetables and fruits that are in season during the summer (specifically on the month of June) is just right. This means that your greens can be composed of  asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, cucumbers and the like, while your fruits can include cherries, blueberries, blackcurrants, and plums, just to name a few. That should give you lots of choices already.

Love is one of the dominant topics on this particular Shakespeare tale so it just seem right to serve food that  reminds one of el amor – strawberries and chocolate definitely fits the bill, and so does other food under the aphrodisiac category which includes oysters, caviar, basil, and avocado, just to name a few. We also think that dainty food like canapés, sushi, cream puff, and soufflé will be great additions.

If you and your hubby feel that your wedding menu won’t be complete without something meaty in your food lineup, then be sure to add favorites that you and your guests can appreciate. A theme-based menu is one thing, but your guests’ appreciation of the dishes you will serve is infinitely more important.

A whimsical wedding cake is definitely the order of the day, so be sure to get your baker to come up with something different yet still beautiful for your wedding cake. Ask them to play with shapes and colors, since that will add a lot to the uniqueness factor that you want in your cake.

Wine is wanted on most weddings, but doubly wanted here since wine and romance definitely goes hand in hand. But be sure to prepare some fruit juice or shakes, just in case a majority of your guests prefer something non-alcoholic to drink.


Peacock Wedding Foods

If you love roast peacocks, and you think your guests will appreciate them, then be sure to include a carving station serving your wonderful peacock dish. But if you adore peacocks but not as food, no worries, since there are other birds that you can consider, from turkey, pigeon, to the more typical chicken. Serving pork and other beef dishes should also be fine, as long as you have enough fowl offerings.

That should take care of your main course, but for your starters, soup or salad made of lentil (a peacock favorite), assorted nuts, and corn are something you can consider.

For your wedding cake, if you think a cake decorated with a real peacock feather is too much to your taste, we think a cake with designs to look like peacock feathers is more tasteful so we’re pitching it in. If you want to veer away from the traditional 3-layer cake, we think cupcakes with purplish or greenish icing(s) presented in a cake stand is a great idea, not just because it makes a decorative and colorful replacement for the usual layered cake, but they can also serve as great takeaways for some of your guests.

We will leave it to you what (alcoholic) drinks to serve your guests, as long as you make sure that your drink will be great with whatever food you’re serving. But to make things more interesting (not to mention very theme-based), how about serving some Pea (or better known as Peatini) or Pear Cocktails? You can also serve some sweet pea or pear juice to those who prefers the virgin variety. Of course, you can still just serve the typical soda, fruit juice, and tea, especially if you stick to those which come with the right green tinge like Mountain Dew, lime juice, and green tea. That should give your guests enough drink choices for your main event.


Victorian Wedding Foods

Although Victorian wedding menu usually just includes tea and scones, you can definitely go beyond this. If your wedding reception is for lunch or dinner, this usually includes soup, fruits or salad, the main course and dessert. The soup is usually of the thick variety, while the main course are usually salmon, chicken, beef, lamb or fowl cooked in a sauce of some sort. Serving hot and cold meats, lobster patties, cheese, and fruit tarts are also popular and are worthy additions.

Serving specialty food like sweetbreads, foie gras, and caviar can also be another approach to your Victorian wedding food.

Serve your dishes using porcelain or crystal platters. Your guests can eat from similar porcelain plates. You can either go for printed plates or just go for more solid designs. Just ensure that your plates do not clash with your other table decoration.

The traditional Victorian wedding involves three cakes, the actual wedding cake, the bride cake and the groom cake. The wedding cake is usually a rich fruitcake with elaborate white frosting. The bride and groom cake are less grand, wherein the former is white while the latter is dark, usually chocolate flavor.

Be sure to serve fine wines. And if you’re guests are up to it, offer them a cup or two of their favorite tea blend to make everything perfect!



Vintage Wedding Foods

If you love the 50s, then it’s all about serving favorites from that timeline. This means favorites from malt shops are very welcome, so if you’re going for casual than fine dining, then cheeseburgers, fries, sundaes, and other similar fare are the way to go. But if you think those are too casual for a wedding, or you have a different timeline in mind altogether, we found this very informative site, which is dedicated to food that are popular on different decades, which makes it a good reference when preparing your wedding menu.

With your food taken care of, the next step is to take care of your food presentations. We think that serving your food using porcelain or crystal platters will add a lot to the feel you’re setting. Your guests can also eat from similar porcelain plates if you have enough. Getting a soda fountain to dispense your drinks is very 50s so we’re pitching that in. If you opted to have your wedding feast on a pub, then be sure to choose one that comes with said fountain, since it’s fitting and is quite cool.

For your cake, you can choose to have your typical tiered cake and have each layer be decorated by tons of colorful flowers or peace signs. If you prefer to have a plain cake, that should also be fine. Just top it with a cake decoration like a vintage bridal car, a retro couple topper, or some other bride and groom cake toppers with the right vintage feel (trust us, you will know it when you see it).

We think this is one occasion that warrants bringing out the best vintage wine you can get your hands on, which you can serve on top of whatever brew you’re serving from your favorite timeline. Just make sure that the wine you will be serving will not overwhelm whatever food you’ll be serving and vice versa. Now you’re ready for a toast!


Western Wedding Foods

Bbqd and grilled dishes are the perfect candidates for your western wedding food. Steak and fish are just some of the goodies that you can barbecue.

If you are going for more casual meals, any dish that is popularly served on barbecues could be part of your menu. Hotdogs, corn on cob, hamburger are just a few examples. Dishes with beans are also worth adding.

Serve your dishes using stoneware dining sets or if you don’t have them, any plates with right western designs are also good candidates. However, if you’re going for the elegance that plain white plates can bring, feel free to do so.

Your wedding cake can come in brown, which is the perfect excuse to have a chocolate wedding cake. But going for the traditional white and just decorating it with white icings and adding a cowboy couple cake topper will also be fine.

Amidst all your wine and brandies, be sure to serve some draft beer and root beer to further accentuate your guests’ western experience.


Winter Wedding Foods

There’s something about this season that makes one crave dishes that brings us comfort (aka comfort food), so serving such dishes on your winter wedding can be one approach to your wedding food. However, we think that serving different culture’s comfort food instead of just sticking to western ones will be less boring so we're pitching that in.

Given the cold weather, it’s not surprising that hot food are preferred over cold dishes. So this means serving lots of soup, prepared meats are preferable over vegetable and fish, and of course dishes with some level of spiciness are very welcome. But if you think your wedding won’t be complete without serving some ice cream in the process, then feel free to do so, since for all you know, maybe half of your guests prefer to have some cold dessert.

And if you happen to think your food repertoire won’t be complete without some veggies and fruits in the menu, then singling out vegetables and fruits that are quite abundant on this season is not just cost-effective, but is also in line with your chosen theme. 

As for your wedding cake, one that comes in white with blue snowflakes or an ice blue cake with white snowflake designs, is the ultimate candidate for a winter wedding cake. But if you prefer getting a plain white cake and just adding a cake topper, we think that a tree or snowman cake topper will turn any plain cake to an amazing winter cake.

And lastly, you can just stick to serving eggnog and hot cider, but if some of your guests prefer something with more zing in their drinks when they do the wedding toast, spiking that cider or coffee with brandy is one option, although serving your best wine is still very fitting, since there’s nothing like a good wine to warm one on these cold winter nights.


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