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Traditional Wedding Games


Our theme-based wedding games and activities are available at our Wedding Themes page. Just click the theme of your choice to get those theme-based games and activities we promised you!

However, If you want theme-based activities and the like, but still prefer to have traditional games, no worries, since we have traditional wedding games right here!

We suggest that you take up the challenge of customizing each of these games to suit your chosen theme. You'll be surprised what a little creativity and time could lead you to


Bride and Groom Trivia

This is one of the more popular wedding game choice and is definitely worth considering. As the title suggest, this is a game that requires the players to know a lot about you and your groom. Trivia questions can be something about your music preference or details on how you and your hubby met. And the cool thing about this game is that it won't just test your friends' know-how about you, it will also be a great way to share these trivia to the rest of your other guests.

Best Wedding Toast

You can challenge your guests' creative juices by asking them to come up with a wedding toast that will impress you and your groom. You and your groom gets to pick the best wedding toast, of course.



Balloon Race

This game will play like a typical relay race wherein the mission of each player is to do some balloon popping. As with other relay races, each player will do the goal at hand, which is to pop a balloon, and once s/he is done, will pass the turn to do more balloon popping to the next person in line, until all the players from each group has done the given tasks at least once.

The group who was able to do the given task in the shortest amount time will be a group of winners.

Find Perfect Pair

Depending on your chosen theme, you can ask your guests to find the perfect pair of their flip flop, the other half of their heart cut-out and the like.

The perfect pair who was able to find each other in the shortest amount time will be your winning pair!


The basic idea is for somebody to act out certain words and phrase, while the rest of the group will do the guessing.

The cool thing about this game is that it is easy to customize to fit your chosen wedding theme. Just limit your words/phrase to say a certain area that is associated to your theme and of course weddings, and voila, you have a theme-based wedding game right there!

Musical Chairs

The idea here is to have certain number of chairs forming a circle, with one less chair than your number of players.

While the music is playing, each player will go around the chair in a circular fashion and once the music stops, each player must grab a chair or else s/he is out.

Want to customize this game to your chosen theme? You can do this via the music you will play during the game or by using other objects to pass around instead of chairs.


Unique Wedding Ideas


Tell us your unique wedding ideas!